The 4 writing types and how to make them work

Here at Sorted Communications, we understand different types and styles of writing – which is what makes us perfectly placed to provide words that work for you.


Roughly speaking, there are four main types of writing. The technical terms for them are expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative.

  1. Expository – designed to inform. How-to articles, news stories, reports and so on fall into this category.
  2. Persuasive – mostly used in advertising and marketing, as well as personal essays, editorials and anything else that aims to convince someone to do something.
  3. Descriptive – as the name suggests, used to paint a picture for the reader. It’s where the old adage ‘show, don’t tell’ comes into play.
  4. Narrative – tells a story and can be used in factual or fictional writing.

Most writing falls into one or more of these categories, and some can incorporate all four. At Sorted Communications, we have the knowledge and experience to know which of these types of writing is best suited to the message you want to communicate.

We also know where our expertise lies – in creating well-crafted, in-depth content. So if, for example, you’re looking for a strapline for an ad, we’d recommend you find an expert in writing pithy, punchy copy.

Similarly, because we aren’t specialists in recruitment, we leave the CV writing to those who are. And while we do provide effective press releases, we don’t offer other PR services such as media handling or crisis communications.

What we do offer is a whole range of writing services, including case studies, press releases and newsletters, plus websites, annual reports and brochures.

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Case studies

Case studies are a way of showing the value of your business by using a real-life story, for example about a client’s positive experience with one of your products or services. The human-interest aspect can make your business seem relatable and human.

Press releases

Press releases are simple, one-page statements sent to media outlets to announce a new product or service, or something newsworthy about your organisation. They usually contain a headline, a few quotes, contact details and topical news angle to attract interest.


Newsletters are usually sent out at regular intervals to a database of readers who have opted in to receive them. They work best when they’re short and snappy.


Effective web copy needs to be easily scanned by those skim reading, while at the same time conveying a lot of useful information succinctly.

Annual reports

Annual reports are formal accounts of a company’s activity, results and key milestones. They’ll also include financial information (known as an annual report and accounts).


Brochures are often highly visual items, which means they’re generally lighter on text and tend to use elements such as bullet points to illustrate their message.

So whatever you need to say, and however you want to say it, get in touch to see how we can help – once you’ve got the words sorted we can also jazz up the visuals with professional design and even organise print and distribution for you.