Health Economics Unit

“We had worked with Ali and her team before and they were our first choice to support us in this new venture. They have been with us since we started the Health Economics Unit, and have provided reliable comms support whenever and however they’ve been needed.”

Andi Orlowski, Director, HEU


When a new and ambitious NHS organisation needed communications support, Sorted Communications was their first choice to help. Having worked previously with several of the team at the Health Economics Unit and established a positive working relationship, our ‘word warriors’ were able to slot in seamlessly to provide a reliable extra pair of hands to assist with projects across the board.

About the Health Economics Unit

The Health Economics Unit (HEU) was established in October 2020, and works to bring data analysis to the forefront of healthcare planning. It combines the expertise of healthcare analysts, who look at patient data, and clinicians, who can put this analysis into practice. Examining data in this way helps inform future health planning and is used in making decisions such as:

  • Where is it best to direct NHS resources?
  • Which approach is most cost effective?
  • Which resources should be used?

Project deliverables

Once the experts at HEU have carried out their analysis, our team helps communicate effectively with a variety of audiences. We format proposals, proofread reports, produce PowerPoint presentations, edit website content and write countless blog posts, case studies and social media posts – often conducting interviews with healthcare professionals around the country, and helping to share the findings with colleagues throughout the wider health sector.

Extensive experience within healthcare means we are perfectly placed to liaise with clinicians and health professionals and provide timely and effective communications support to the HEU.


Our team maintains open communication throughout, with weekly meetings to check in, plan ahead and identify opportunities, and regular email and phone contact. Our operations manager ensures everyone is kept fully updated on all the communications activity via a shared spreadsheet known as ‘the grid’.

“Ali and her team are always incredibly flexible, which has been really valuable to us. They play a critical role in our work, ensuring we communicate complex projects clearly and concisely and our written work maintains the high standards expected. Knowing they are there allows my team to focus on what they do best, reassured that support is on hand.”

Andi Orlowski, Director, HEU