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Our experienced team helps turn your ideas into reality by providing an efficient writing, editing, proofreading and design resource for busy communications leads – leaving you free to handle urgent issues and still get home on time. 


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We know that strategic planning, meetings and urgent media enquiries can keep you fully occupied and leave you with little time to update the website, actively promote your organisation or respond to requests from other departments to communicate their work.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Sorted Communications is here to be your experienced pair of extra hands whenever you need us.

Newsletters, blog posts, proposals and annual reports – we’ll take care of them all and more, leaving you free to focus on more pressing matters.

Reliable, efficient, no-nonsense communications support. Sorted.

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Frequently asked questions

Most of our day-to-day work lies somewhere on the spectrum of proofreading, editing and writing. We can also provide design and organise print if needed. We write a lot of case studies, blog posts, articles and website copy, and produce annual reports, brochures, guides and sometimes PowerPoint presentations. 

We can also help with non-writing tasks such as researching contact details or media lists, updating spreadsheets, cross-referencing information, organising photoshoots, sourcing translations – and some of the random queries that end up with comms because they don’t fit anywhere else! 

We don’t offer a reactive service (media enquiries/crisis comms) but apart from that, if it’s comms and it can be done remotely, we can probably help.

If you have a task that’s not listed here, drop a line to and we’ll let you know whether we can help.

Yes! We know what we’re good at and we stick to that. Things we don’t do include:

Medical writing: While we are comfortable working with medical terminology, we are not medical writers.

Technical analysis: We often work on technical documents to make sure the copy flows and the content is accurate and well presented, but we can’t crunch the data and do statistical analysis.

Strategic planning: While we know what a comms strategy looks like, strategic planning and campaign development are not our forte; we work best as a delivery team.

Reactive work: We don’t have the connections and insider knowledge that you do, so we leave the firefighting to you. We don’t provide media handling, crisis comms or other kinds of reactive or ‘on-call’ services.

Creative-led projects: Our design team are fantastic at adding visual pizzazz to our copy in all kinds of formats and they do a great job with annual reports, leaflets, brochures, social media graphics and the like, but if you need a full rebrand or a creative campaign, we’re not the best fit.

Our real strength is proactive ‘calm comms’ – the things that so often get pushed aside when you’re busy – blog posts, case studies, annual reports, newsletters, leaflets, presentations, posters, website copy… we’re a safe pair of hands that you can rely on to just get those things done.

We aim to respond to all emails within three working hours.

We can usually turn small tasks (things that take an hour or two) around within a day or less if you need us to. Of course, it’s always helpful to have a bit of notice but if something urgent comes up, just send us an email outlining what you need and we’ll confirm whether we can fit it in.

For bigger jobs, we may need longer, but we’ll always do our best to meet your deadlines. If you know in advance that something is coming up that will need a quick turnaround it’s really helpful if you let us know so that we can block time out to work on it.

As a guide, for non-urgent work, please allow about a week for tasks that take a few hours, but we can usually respond more quickly when needed.

If you have a lot of work that needs doing at the same time, we may contact you to discuss timelines and priorities to make sure we get everything done in the order that you need it.

If you need us to join a video call, please aim to give us 24 hours’ notice so that we can manage our diaries. We understand that there are times when urgent things come up unexpectedly; with less than 24 hours’ notice of a call, we will do our best to attend, but cannot guarantee availability.

What our clients say

Download our guide to 12 free resources that will help save you time.

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