What we do

Our experienced team gives busy communications leads an extra pair of hands.

We help make your communications plans reality by writing, editing, proofreading, formatting or designing case studies, press releases, feature copy, brochures, newsletters, blog postswebsite copy, reports, posters and other documents.

With our dedicated support, your in-house communications team will be able to focus on strategic planning and urgent enquiries, knowing that the delivery is taken care of – no more stress and no more mad rushes to meet tight deadlines.

Core services


We write blog posts, case studies, articles, reports and web copy for your target audience.


Send us pre-written copy that needs restructuring, refining and polishing to meet your needs.


When your copy needs checking for accuracy and consistency, we provide fresh, expert eyes.


Once the copy is just so, our creative designer can turn it into a polished publication.

Do you need an extra pair of hands?

A pair of hands type on a Macbook Pro. Behind the laptop is a calculator, sheets of paper, and a fountain pen.

Contact us now to discuss how our reliable, efficient, no-nonsense communications support can help you and your team.

Complete the form or give us a call on 0115 678 6727.

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Why work with us


Between us, we have more than 100 years’ experience of working in  communications.


We have always worked remotely, with flexible pricing and no retainers.


Our clients know they can rely on us to deliver high quality work on time, every time.


Streamlined processes, clear communication and shared  systems underpin our services.

Our work

Our award-winning team has worked on a wide variety of reports, proposals, newsletters, blog posts, case studies and more for numerous NHS organisations, councils, a children’s charity, a housing association, a payment provider, a corporate finance broker and business services suppliers.

From a bird's eye view, we see the hands of four people sitting around a table. From the top right corner clockwise: one types at a laptop, one holds a page with a list of figures, one writes in a notebook, and one points at a graph with a pen.


"Sorted Communications did a fantastic job in getting to the heart of the topics we wanted to talk about and pulled everything together so succinctly."
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From a bird's eye view we see five people sat around a wooden table. In front of them are laptops and tablets, and sheets of paper displaying data in various formats.

Health Economics Unit

"Ali and team have been with us since we started the Health Economics Unit, and have provided reliable comms support whenever and however they’ve been ...
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In the centre of the image, we see a young woman in a white lab coat reaching for something from the stacked shelves behind her. The shelves display various medicines and bottles of tablets.


When an international pharmaceutical company approached us to write content for their redesigned corporate website in UK English, we were happy to help.
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The image entirely consists of clipboards and sheets of paper displaying various multi-coloured graphs. A pale blue pencil sits across one of the graphs, towards the right side of the photo.

Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts

"Sorted are experts in getting to the heart of what we’re trying to communicate. Aside from the quality of their work, they are all fantastic ...
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A person types on a grey laptop. By their right arm is a full mug of coffee, and in front of them is an open book with a mobile phone on top of it. By their left wrist is a spiral-bound notebook and two pens.

NHS England

When a small NHSE team needed to promote the national ‘new care models’ initiative, we worked with vanguard teams UK-wide to develop a range of ...
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Image shows the torsos and legs of two people, each sat in an armchair at the corners of a wooden table. The person in the background is writing on a clipboard, while the person in the foreground speaks to them. On the table is a full glass of water and a box of tissues.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

The in-house communications team at a large mental health trust asked for our support in pulling together its monthly public magazine.
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In the foreground of the photo is a medical worker, dressed in teal-coloured scrubs with a stethoscope hanging out of his pocket. He holds a tablet.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Ali is consistently professional, focused and delivers work to a high standard. She’s a real asset, team player and someone you can rely on."
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The image centres on the torso a woman sat at a white table. She is gesturing to a clipboard in front of her, and in the foreground we see the hands of the person she's speaking to.

NHS Nottingham City CCG

"[Working as The Effective English Company], Sorted Communications provided flexible, reliable support to our communications team."
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On a sandy beach, two striped deckchairs (one blue, one red) sit next to each other in front of a calm ocean and blue sky. Over them is a large pink umbrella. At the top of the image we see the leaves of palm trees.

Skills Holidays

"I was consistently impressed with the way in which the team produced relevant and well-written content for our newsletters each and every month with very ...
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Three people, two women and one man, sit chatting at a table. The woman in the centre holds a sheet of paper, and on top of the table are two takeout coffee cups.

Healthcare Commission

Our ongoing relationship with the in-house communications team at the Healthcare Commission enabled them to call on us for experienced support on more than one ...
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The image centres on a row of small stacks of coins, in increasing heights from left to right. They are sat on top of a sheet of paper, which displays a bar chart.

Goodman Corporate Finance

"Thanks to the support of Ali and her team I always have the greatest confidence, even when delivering speeches to hundreds of people."
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Image shows an eight-carriage East Midlands Trains train moving along a railway track. The train is decorated with yellow, red, orange and blue streaks of colour.

East Midlands Trains

We provided cover for East Midlands Trains for a role in internal comms, including managing the staff newsletter and intranet, while they worked to fill ...
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We see the torso of a medical professional dressed in blue scrubs, with a stethoscope around their neck. They are holding an open medical document in front of them.

NHS East Midlands

"To have such an experienced pair of hands at our disposal gave me confidence that both the communications team and our senior managers were being ...
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In the foreground sits a young women sat at a computer. She wears a headset and smiles at her computer screen. In the background are other workers in headsets.


"'Incredibly efficient' is the phrase that always comes to mind. [Sorted Communications] have completed numerous flawless projects for me and my organisation."
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Frequently asked questions

Most of our day-to-day work lies somewhere on the spectrum of proofreading, editing and writing. We can also provide design and organise print if needed. We write a lot of case studies, blog posts, articles and website copy, and produce annual reports, brochures, guides and sometimes PowerPoint presentations. 

We can also help with non-writing tasks such as researching contact details or media lists, updating spreadsheets, cross-referencing information, organising photoshoots, sourcing translations – and some of the random queries that end up with comms because they don’t fit anywhere else! 

We don’t offer a reactive service (media enquiries/crisis comms) but apart from that, if it’s comms and it can be done remotely, we can probably help.

If you have a task that’s not listed here, drop a line to and we’ll let you know whether we can help.

Yes! We know what we’re good at and we stick to that. Things we don’t do include:

Medical writing: While we are comfortable working with medical terminology, we are not medical writers.

Technical analysis: We often work on technical documents to make sure the copy flows and the content is accurate and well presented, but we can’t crunch the data and do statistical analysis.

Strategic planning: While we know what a comms strategy looks like, strategic planning and campaign development are not our forte; we work best as a delivery team.

Reactive work: We don’t have the connections and insider knowledge that you do, so we leave the firefighting to you. We don’t provide media handling, crisis comms or other kinds of reactive or ‘on-call’ services.

Creative-led projects: Our design team are fantastic at adding visual pizzazz to our copy in all kinds of formats and they do a great job with annual reports, leaflets, brochures, social media graphics and the like, but if you need a full rebrand or a creative campaign, we’re not the best fit.

Our real strength is proactive ‘calm comms’ – the things that so often get pushed aside when you’re busy – blog posts, case studies, annual reports, newsletters, leaflets, presentations, posters, website copy… we’re a safe pair of hands that you can rely on to just get those things done.

Yes, absolutely.

We have some case studies on our website and there are testimonials at the bottom of most of our website pages.

If we send you a proposal for work, we will include testimonials and examples of relevant previous work within the proposal.

If you would like to see anything else, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to send you some relevant examples.

What our clients say

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