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Tips and tricks

Add value to blogs by linking to credible info

When it comes to writing a blog that truly engages your readers, it’s essential to ‘keep it real’ by including your own ideas and opinions. …

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Effective communication

Beat writer’s block with auto transcription

This is a guest post by Jason Kincaid of Descript. If you’re a writer – of reports, blog posts, articles, newsletters, whatever – you’re familiar …

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Effective communication

Effective writing to achieve your aims

Writing effectively in plain English isn’t just a case of ‘keeping it simple’; it starts from the beginning, with the planning stage. It’s important to …

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Sorted Comms

The ‘recipe’ for successful editing

When it comes to editing or proofreading articles, press releases and so on, you might think that we would need to understand all the ‘ins …

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How an outsider can help your business

When you’re looking to hire a copywriter or editor, you might think that you need to find someone who’s an expert in your field.   …

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Effective communication

How to write for social media

Social media is a sure-fire way of engaging with your audience and can be an excellent marketing tool when used effectively. But when it comes …

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Sorted Comms

The 4 writing types and how to make them work

Here at Sorted Communications, we understand different types and styles of writing – which is what makes us perfectly placed to provide words that work …

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Spelling mistakes can cost more than you think

Anything you write should be spelled correctly, but this is particularly important with content you use to market your business. A statistic used by entrepreneur …

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Effective communication

How good internal comms boost staff morale

When it comes to getting the best out of their staff, some employers choose to focus on how to stop them doing what they shouldn’t …

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Effective communication

How to write a house style guide

If you’re a small organisation, or only a few people work on your communications, you may think you don’t need a house style guide; but …

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