A graphic comprised of a cartoon sunflower, text reading: "Sorted Communications' Sunflower Competition 2023: FINAL" and #SortedSunflowers

Meet the green thumb who outshone the rest!

We’re always aiming to bring cheer into the lives of our clients through our writing, and what better way to encourage this than a sunflower growing competition? There’s nothing cheerier than a sunflower, and nothing more competitive than a growing challenge!

A graphic comprised of a cartoon sunflower, text reading: "Sorted Communications' Sunflower Competition 2023: FINAL" and #SortedSunflowersAn Oscar.

A Grammy.

A Blue Peter badge.

These are all awards that everyone wants to win. They are marks of high achievement and success. But today, they fall to the wayside because a new champion is in town. An award that looms over all others like a goliath amongst ants.

For today, we announce the winner of the inaugural Sorted Sunflower Awards 2023.

The sunflower growing competition began way back in March when, for some reason, on a team social call we wondered who could grow the tallest sunflower. Our CEO supported us by ordering identical packets of seeds for everyone to ensure a level starting point, and communications manager Harry appointed himself Chief Executive In Charge Of Sunflowers And Sunflower Sundries (CEICOSASS).

Using the same variety of seeds and following a comprehensive set of rules, we all started sowing. Sunflowers were grown in Edinburgh, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Swindon, Worthing, Nottingham – and even Spain.

A bespectacled man, wearing a large sunflower headdress, smiles at the cameraIt was a tough-fought competition, with the entrants providing regular photographic evidence of their progress along the way, but in the end, there was one clear winner.

Congratulations to Chris Burgess (pictured left), sunflower grower of legend, who walks away with the 2023 Sorted Sunflower Superstar award thanks to a sunflower that measured a good 40cm taller than its nearest rival!

Chris’s not-very-well-kept secret to success was horse manure. He said: “There was no ‘horsing around’ in my potting shed. I used good quality natural fertiliser to ensure a rich base for the seedlings. I was astounded at how much they drank; my water metre was doing backflips. This award is dedicated to Zand Man, my very own manure maker.”

The final entries

Here’s the complete run-down of all our sunflower competitors:

Ali Marsland, CEO of Sorted Communications said: “Tensions in the team have been high for months as the sunflowers have sprouted and grown. Some of them have survived storms, droughts and everything in between. A big well done to Chris, who is our newest member of the team and has moved swiftly to put everyone else in their places and assert his position as Sorted Sunflower Superstar 2023.”

Harry Loney, Sorted Communication’s Chief Executive In Charge Of Sunflowers and Sunflower Sundries said, “I’m sure he cheated. I just haven’t figured out how yet.”

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