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A group of five people are sat together. One is sat on a chair, and the other four are sat cross-legged around her feet. They are all talking to each other. A person in the bottom left of the photo is working on a laptop, and a person on the bottom right is holding a tablet.

How to make your comms more accessible

Accessibility is all about recognising people’s different communication needs and developing your comms to reach as many people as possible. Here are our top accessibility ...
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Two women are sat opposite each other at a circular table, working on Microsoft Surface laptops. We can only see their hands as they type on turquoise keyboards. The woman in the foreground has painted fingernails and a pen next to her left hand.

How to use styles in Microsoft Word

Understanding and using the pre-set styles function in Word is a game-changer, but some people can find it intimidating. Here's a quick guide to help ...
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A laptop sits in the background, with a stack of printed words on paper in the foreground. Some of the text has been scribbled out and circled in red pen. The red pen itself lies on top of the paper, with its lid off.

Seven steps to professional proofreading

We have many years’ experience of being a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ for our clients’ work. Get your documents reader-ready with this free pdf.
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Three people, two men and one woman, sit together at a table. The woman has a laptop in front of her, and the man to her right holds a pencil. They are both smiling and listening to the man on the far right of the photo, who wears glasses and is also smiling as he looks somewhere behind the camera.

How to ‘comms’ – a basic guide for new starters

If you’re new to comms and aren’t sure whether your strategy is having any impact, here’s some advice for communicating with confidence.
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A pile of papers with a report printed on them sit in the middle of the image. A clipboard with papers displaying a pie chart and a graph is in the centre of the photo. On top of the clipboard sit a magnifying glass and a pen.

A beginner’s guide to producing an annual report

In this guide, we’ve combined our knowledge and experience to break an often lengthy, complex project down into manageable steps.
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The photo is taken from a bird's eye view. A square-ruled notebook sits in the middle of the photo, on top of a wooden picnic table, with two silver pens on its left. On its right we can see the edge of a laptop keyboard, with a pair of white wired headphones on top of it.

10 free tech tools

We know how busy communications teams often are and we’re always on the lookout for anything that will save us time, make us more productive, ...
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