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A pair of hands type at a laptop keyboard.

Write it right – spelling and grammar mnemonics

English is a language riddled with homophones and homographs. Here's how to remember some of the more commonly confused pairs.
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A fountain pen sits on top of an open wire-bound notebook.

Straight swaps for clear and simple writing

There are many ways to make your writing clearer. We recommend swapping out unnecessarily dense – but commonly-used – words like the ones in this ...
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A laptop is the focus of the image, with a Zoom meeting in progress on the screen. To the left of the laptop is a turquoise mug.

Working with a remote team

If you’re used to working in a busy office, it can seem daunting to outsource work to a remote team who you haven’t met. Here's ...
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8 post-it notes are stuck to a beige-coloured wall, in a 3x3 grid formation. In the bottom right of the photo, a woman's hand is putting the 9th post-it note into position.

Top tasks to outsource

Your busy communications team needs a helping hand, but if you’re not used to outsourcing to an external company, it can be challenging to know ...
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From a bird's eye view we see a pair of hands working at a laptop. In the top right corner of the image is a mug of black coffee, with a mobile phone beneath it. To the left of the laptop is a black closed notebook, with a pen on top of it.

How to get more out of Microsoft Word

Becoming a super user of Microsoft Word could save you a lot of time and expense when it comes to producing professional documents. Here's our ...
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